Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kucinich speaks on Afghanistan, Jobs, Generals, Constitution


  1. Dennis makes some important points about war powers under the Constitution, bankruptcy and folly, but he gets it dead wrong when he says that the US was correct to bomb Afghanistan in the first place. Flowing from the Pentagon's falseflag attack on 9/11 with the Israelis, Dennis' favorite DU attack poisoned our world and mutated alot of innocent people in Afghanistan. They used DU bunker busters on the caves at Tora Bora, still the oh so cool progressive Dennis thinks it was correct. Second Dennis claims Obama is a good man, excusing him at the core, when in reality BO stinks pretty bad in there and always will. I critcize Dennis and yet I gave him $200 last year to run for prez.
    A few years ago Dennis traveled with a Senator running for reelection in my area. When I met Dennis he was all smiles and warmth. But the audience got into a question about the military supported by the Senator, and then I really drilled em from the floor with the truth, and after that Dennis would no longer make eye contact or smile at I think he's cool but really he leaves an awful lot to be desired in the truth and consciousness department.

  2. Indeed, the only ones that have spoken out, to my knowledge, were all run our of office.

    Face it, nothing coming out of DC is worth the effort anymore. We should just focus on regional races, get constitutional representatives, and tell DC to go Cheney themselves.

  3. Constitution? It is a "thang" of the past. It's merely a dam piece of paper "Toliet paper."

    Speaking of which, this is a must watch. Where Dr. Graeme MacQueen mentions "toilet paper." Listen to it, MacQueen is brilliant. It was posted at

    On September 13, 2009, Dr. Graeme MacQueen presented a speech titled, “9/11 Truth: the Challenge to the Peace Movement”, at the conference, "We Demand Transparency! For Peace, Truth, and a New Economics” in New York City.

    Special Thanks to Joe Friendly for the videography.

    Also posted at 911blogger, in March of 2010, Cindy Sheehan and other activists from a group calling itself "Peace of the Action" will be converging on Washington, DC, to set up a camp on the National Mall.

  4. I agree with you Mary Dennis was my hero for a long time but he's fallen short. (no pun intended, ha) He originally started out talking with the first responders and said he ntended to look into 9/11. I guess like his articles of impeachment it fell on deaf ears and that was that.

    I also agree that he's waaaaaaay wrong about Afghanistan AND Obama. There is nothing good and true about Obama and we here at Coto all saw it from day one. He's panned out exactly as we thought he would...the perfect puppet for the new fascist Amerika. Dennis defending him is a huge disappointment though I won't say I'm surprised. If he was that disgusted with the goings on in Washington he'd no longer be a part of it. His votes are in the minority, so it makes no difference if he's there participating any longer.

  5. I agree M though it doesn't seem to matter who we vote in at the grassroots level either. By the time they get to DC they are already compromised. We need to throw ALL the bums out starting from top to bottom.

  6. Munich, that's a good video. I doubt sharing it around in my situation can salvage the wreckage in my peace group whose patriarchal leader has been demonizing not only 9/11 Truth but most all truth. I had heard of controlled opposition, but the old model of some kind of cointelpro is not really the operative, slick method used today to gut the peace movement. Obama alone did this just like Bush and Cheney did 9/11...and it was a psyop as COTO well knows. Look at Code Pink, promoting war crime now. Many groups are judaeo christian controlled operations. Mine definitely was. Many groups are brainwashed statist outfits undermining peace and wasting activists' time. Without these critical gatekeepers addressing the fact 9/11 was planned by Mossad and its agents in the Pentagon and White House, without recognizing there is an IDF soldier minding Obama at all times, there is little hope any peace group will be successful in stopping perpetual war.
    I guess that is why I do not recommend David Ray Griffin as a 9/11 researcher without the caveat that he does not in his books ever look at the role of Israel and judaeo christian leadership in the US in perpetual war by deception. MacQueen recommends him to first timers. I guess it is Ok for them but not for COTO when we can resource people like Bollyn.

  7. One political group I've been hanging out with that works on Cannabis issues, is having the kind of major electoral success we are seeing around the country, with around 2/3 of voters, right and left, favoring ballot initiatives like medpot and bigger grows. There is no finer party if you haven't joined yet. I mean literally, our Christmas party rocked. I played around a three hour set!

  8. purrrrr ...

    here ya go mary,
    let that patriarchal leader eat

    "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."