Friday, November 27, 2009

The Nerve Of Some People, and a movie review

It was the lead story on NBC tonight,I think thats the General Electric media outlet that pushes war to sell more war junk,anyway the lead story is these Salami people trying to ram their weeny asses through the toughest security in the free world. Well the dude LOOKED like a wealthy campaign contributer, and his old lady was super-hot,you know the kind of hotty gold-digger that hangs with wealthy dudes till they can divorce em or they kick the bucket. But how the heck can you tell if they are real muckety-mucks or just frilled up riff-raff ?

Any good halfway educated American knows that our politicians and our institutions are only accessible to certain well connected individuals and or organizations. Here is a short list of who is welcome in the sacred edifice of Tutt´s cess. I wouldnt want anybody going through the embarrassment of having to shake the hand of  a warmonger.

1. If you donated 450,000 to either branch of the one party, you are in.                                                                                                 

2. If you have dual-citizenship and fumble with two passports you are in,and are probably going to get a highly placed cabinet position.

3.If you are an old Indian geezer with a jeweled turban you are in like flint.

4. Card carrying commies and community organizers are usually in,depending on what recent scandal has been reported reluctantly by the press.

5.Active duty generals are in if they report on success in Pak-raq-istan,not the ones reporting the flashlights up the gazoot (I will refrain from any battery-acid references cuz this is a family type joint).

6. If you worked for Enron and can cook up a good money-making scam, WELCOME BABY !

7. If you are made of wood you are always welcome (I got wood when I saw that Salami woman).


Movie Review

Last night I watched "A Scanner Darkly" . It was a typical take of Phillip K. Dick´s future. A lot of paranoid drug addicts all watching each other and reporting to the state. Then when the end of the story came Dick's great talent as a visionary just blew Me away.

The dedication of the book was scrolled before the credits,all the people he knew that had been killed or harmed by drugs. I can relate, I have one of those lists with hundreds of names.

If you have not seen it get it soon.



  1. Obama wouldn't know a Solahi from a Salami unless it was sliced really thin.

    Crashing the Palace is so en vogue these days. Most of the players there are actors anyway. They just get Nobels in lieu of Oscars, est-ce exact?

  2. If you're being followed by a camera crew and some make-up get a pass too.

  3. They pull Nobels out of Cracker-jack boxes nowadays. Good to see You chief.

  4. Didn't see the Sausage episode, but I enjoyed your creative description of the Salami Follies!

    Missed P.K. Dick's performance by a millimeter or a mile too, but so what? You gave good Korn!

    I needed the chuckle King Korn Komrade!

  5. I interviewed PKD in the late 60s, sadly lost all my notes etc. but remember vividly his descriptions of acid visions (huge looming heads on the horizon), his unresolved father issues (why he liked Mussolini?) and a most enjoyable few hours with a remarkable man tucked away in a north Bay Area suburb. Even now Martian Timeslip slams me into a mescaline flashback.

  6. Ha ! Good one korny. The "Salamis" are sickening. Well worthy of that reality show they are chasing. Actually, I'm hoping they go the way of the guy with the phantom kid in the run away jiffy pop balloon.

    PS: I've never seen scanner darkly but always intended to do so. I just added it to the #1 spot on my netflix list. Thanks for the reminder and review ;)

  7. I particularly enjoyed Freck's judgement. I have to get the print version of the "scanner". Downey Jr did a good job at making his charachter despicable. I wont ruin it for You.