Sunday, November 8, 2009

Palestine Before 1948

Kirwan posted this bittersweet today-


  1. Mary that was beautiful and incredibly sad. I have to admit it made me cry. It's amazing how much you can say with a few pictures put to music. To me, the Israeli government is every bit as evil as the Third Reich.

    Thank you for posting.

  2. Vhy Mary Sunshine, you Svinehund. Vhen you talk about Palestinians like dey are human beings, den you are hating da Joows.

    Ve in der gleicer-command of da state of Israel, along vith our allies in Apartheid South Afrikkka, vill start a counter attack. Ve vill attack you in a bleitzkrieg style manner, calling you an anti-Semite.

    Zeig Israel. Svinehund. Zeig Israel.

  3. As an aside, true story.

    In northern Ireland, Catholic areas started raising Palestinian flags beside Irish flags, as acts of solidarity. The pro-British Protestants areas raised Israel flags beside their British Union Jacks in response.

    However, the racist groups Combat 88 and the BNP (racist British party) who are allies with the protestant loyalists groups visited, had a shit fit about the israel flags being raised beside the Brit flags.

    The Israel flags were taken down.

    The Palestinian flags remained in the Irish, Catholic neighborhoods.

    True story.

    Speaking of Nazi's, I tried to visit the Rob Crawl Klown Kar Krew, Op Ed news yesterday.

    It has disappeared from the google search.

    Seems that Rob Krawls numbers have hit some new lows.


  4. Deb, it made me cry too. I spent the last month traveling with a Palestinian. What a wonderful and noble people.

  5. Ach two liber, Michael, I'm heil-ee aware the Zionists were major beneficiaries of the Fuhrer, and no wonder, because Adolph's father was the bastard son of the Rothschilds. Hell on wheels, eh. I don't recognize illegal states made up out of nothing with no title or conveyance to the land, nor do I see any semites in Israel other than the Palestinians. Therefore I vill carry on like a svinehund.