Friday, November 13, 2009

In regards to Mary's Depleted U story



  1. I wonder that we Americans are so conditioned that we pay our income taxes... that go to the filthy elites to pay for derivatives and to that go to the military industrial complex so that hideous travesty of fascist bull crap can perpetrate continuous war crimes and atrocities.

    Mind dead America ... could prevent all of this by simply saying F.U. IRS. F.U. government, and acting accordingly.

    But, what they hell, they (the American sheep) think they are spreading democracy.........

  2. The question should hit all of them when Obama decides to send 50,000 troops this year. I believe he will in spite of the world outcry.

    If it were up to him deciding based on the apathetic democracy spreaders you and I agree on, he'd had sent them earlier.

    Good to see the "doctor in" Richard.

  3. Hi Richard and Patrick,
    It does seem like lately they have been relentlessly pushing the military headtrip on the population in preparation for something. I wonder if people notice how heavy the meme is lately running past vets day with more war stories. I hope this doesn't mean USrahell is planning for alot more war, but we know they are set up in that business. They are really digging in in Afghanistan and this looks very bad.

  4. Obama decides? Obama decides nothing. He's nothing but a script reader.

    These wars are decided by forces we can name but that are never spoken in in light. As Orwell so apply said: "The wars are not fought to be won, but to be continued."

  5. That goes without saying M. But he will give the "go" formally

  6. Fort Hood was timely for anti-islam sentiment. As any good COMMITTTEE TRIAD operates on several opportunities.

    As 911 created the war on terror and helped destroy the evidence of massive theft while buiding the defense industries coffers. A triad has three or more winners. Just not us.

    What importance does the territory have to secure the pipelines of oil, gas and opium to India and southern trade routes? MUCHO! It all cannot happen through Turkey.

    All part of the Tel-Aviv banking agenda to centralize the stolen funds with the help of Russia.
    Russia is orchestrating the Taliban [the al-Quada, that really couldn't fly any longer by that name] and terror plots under the Israelis/Russian Gary-Best Crime family which includes Clinton and Bush and heavy ops in Pakistan, Turkey, Sudan and Somalia.

    The collapse of the world economy and IMF will usher in the Bank of Israel and Israeli Leumi Bank, Tel Aviv to control the remaining power financials like ICBC, Construction, Bank of China, RBS, HSBC, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Mitsubishi, UFJ, Banco Santander and Citigroup.

    Controlled by CEO's with COMMITTEE bidding to drive them into the proverbial "derivative black hole" thusly, establishing a new financial system that leads into all the other little dirty eugenics, RDIF and illuminati markings for the final solution.

    Control requires the energy to drive the IMC. This has to come as quickly as the financial lock down. Enter the Global Warming agenda and that will kill any worries about fossil energy revenues going outside non-COMMITTEE non-U.N. without their tax or sanctions.

    Then there comes food and water policies and I fear to know the plans in their entirety for this segment.

  7. There are no words, nor are there any political actions, that can or could ever hope to respond to these images and the situation we have allowed to come to pass.

    The individuals in power are responsible, perhaps not directly accountable, for the condition of the world at present, as well as for the following.

    The systematic decimation of a generation's leadership, and therefore its hope, of keeping tyranny in check. The following leaders, by their forced absence from the world stage, lead to the destruction you see in the above images.

    1. JFK
    2. Malcolm X
    3. MLK, Jr.
    4. RFK
    5. Che Guevara
    6. Ken Saro Wiwa
    7. Steven Biko
    8. Archbishop Oscar Romero
    9. Anwar Sadat
    10. Senator Paul Wellstone

    ...and many, many more....

  8. That's a fine list V. So many of my favorites. Sadat, one of special admiration for me as well as Guevara.


  9. absolutely horrific

  10. Remember all "the military is broken" stories from last year? We may have a new Prez, but nothing else has changed. Where do you expect them to get thousands of 'new' troops when most have already done three tours???????

  11. And the "many, many more....." --- at least one half 'suicided'.

  12. And the complete puzzlement when another Country says thanks but F off ! to the USA,
    Phillipines and Japan right now!
    for any reason like the ?democracy your PTB force on countries.
    like oil ,food ,maufacturing, trade whatever.
    reading Dilemmas of Domination- Walden Bello.
    that, this clip, and Al Gore!
    well thats screwed my weekend.
    And this clip didnt address your OWN killed by the DU, or deformed. like Vietnam agent orange, your own people are also under the radar and your Military wait so long they die first. like 9/11 responders.
    That is..or should be! a matter for massive public outcry and support too.
    is it?
    not from here as I see it.

    and to top it off your insane military are now going to stir shit in Sth America.
    and want to take over Africa for fuel and food abuse..
    From the real(er) world..hooeee!
    its throwing a cluster of pschycopaths in a place with drugs guns and money, complete and unfettered I am a tinpot God ideology.
    but really speccy uniforms. lotsa hi class brass!
    and shaking it up.
    when I get "the our army etc is there to save them..." emails, I want to scream.
    blessed be the Peacemakers?
    Anyone know where they are?
    (no forwarding address!)
    Sure is NOT USA military complex.