Tuesday, November 17, 2009



  1. Mr M

    Sorry to hi-jack but

    Rady Ananda just posted a story on Klown Kar Krawl News. To make matters worse, it was a re-post of a story from the discredited Nuw Yawk Times.

  2. This ought to stir the pot some M. NWO peasants bowing and scraping up to the Royals is nothing new but certainly not expected after Bush.

    Bush and Cheney set the stage for this with purpose to usher in the concept of the Monarchy by Obama who and by his examples, thrusts the shiv into democracy and the heart of the Declaration that we, COTO, know to be self-evident.

    Ahhh, the not so sweet smell of elitism.

  3. BOW "WOW!" M!!!

    guffaw, cough, howwwllll, oomph, Ka-Pow! Right in the moon-shaped Kisser!!!