Friday, November 20, 2009

Global warming just got a kick in the teeth has got some interesting links today to what is a well timed hacker attack on the Hadley (UK) climate center. The hackers took and posted on the web a bunch of internal emails and datasets that seem at first blush to be pretty damning to the global warming debate. The director of the center has confirmed to an australian news outlet that they were recently hacked, and that the data posted online seems to be genuine. here are some of the links to the various sites that have picked up on this, and some of the comments on the articles will give you links to the dataset itself (beware, though that some uncrupulous people will attach vruses and other bad things to data such as this so run your anti-virus sofware before doing any downloading)





  1. The climate engine of our planet is a vast and complex one. It will always be easy to question conclusions, data, timelines etc.

    But what one should expect is an increased ferocity and occurrance of droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, heat waves etc. And increased pressures on the food supply because of this instability.

    Just because you question 'why' this is happening- doesn't make it go away. Our recent 10,000 years of fairly stable climate was highly unusual over the planet's history anyway.

  2. I'm waiting to see the emails and information. The site with the data has been inaccessible for some time due likely to traffic or the internet police.

  3. here is a link t a searchable database of the emails. Of course, the ones referenced in the articles are picked from a very large sample and are not representative of the whole, nonetheless, there are some that give one pause.

  4. By the way as a disclosure I am a meteorologist that has signed a petition with over 31,000 other US scientists that basically says that we don't believe in the human caused (CO2) global warming. After all, water vapor and methane produce over 99% of greenhouse temperature rises and so even if CO2 continues to rise, the overall contibution to warming is very small compared to the other two. We have no control over water vapor levels, and it is by far (over 96%) the biggest contibutor to the greenhouse effect. CO@ is beneficial to life,. as all plants 'breathe'it in in and 'breathe' out oxygen, which we all need. Greenhouses routinely add CO2 to the air indside, to make the plants grow faster.

  5. I sense an agenda here...and not just a scientific opinion.

  6. Most of agriculturally based society has coincided with a major global warming trend begun around 20,000 years ago, relatively recently in geo/bio history. Human impact on climate may not even be the significant part of the disappearance of glaciers in the Himalaya, Andes, and elsewhere affecting water supplies. When people crossed into the western hemisphere, the glaciers were so immense there was a land bridge three hundred feet above sea level across the Bering Sea. Saber toothed tigers....

  7. Personally, I am not convinced of anything. I have my opinions.
    The plausibility’s that we as a species are contributing to the catastrophic evolution of our sphere with our choices seem logically sound. How much? No one knows.
    As a life long science based archeological friend of mine with decades of firsthand knowledge about, yet is still comfortably uncertain on climate change and its causes has told me, "We know so little really and with all the hints mother nature has so lovingly left for us, I think it's a fair assumption that what we think and think we know, compared to her, is almost laughable".
    A fly on the drape so to speak. If that.

  8. Well, the infliction of the fiction of finance necessitates our work to produce and produce cash just to eat and pay and pay and pay. All that energy wasted in our unnecessary work and the industrialization of the planet - that surely has some effect.

    Abolish the fiction of finance, and you solve that problem.


  9. I downloaded the lot last night aussie time:-)
    and from just a brief look at 2 files I am wildly angry.

    No bugs, and no worries bout access.

    I thought Al credible too, 2+ years ago...and then, well being COTO , and ever curious, I did my own research.
    and then I began to be labelled Denier:-) and Damn am i PROUD of it!
    I actually joined the Climatesceptics Party a couple of weeks back, and I never ever join political mobs, However our Idiot K.Rudd prime minister is brainwashed and liable to sign our lives away to the EU Cabal at Copenhagen and he MUST be stopped cold.

    The flat refusal to allow access to data by the Brits supposed gurus and leading lights was more than suspicious..they actually sent a reply saying they had NOT kept data, had melded it and hadn't had big enough storage and deleted it..
    all pure bullshit! especially as they based their research and scaremongering on those same data sets.
    Theres an email saying that the chap in power would rather destroy it than hand it over, even FOI requests were denied, and I am so very pleased either a hacker or maybe? someone inside finally got the irrits enough to bust the bastards LIES wide open for all to see.:-)
    Gores Faux Pas last week saying ..umm. well before 01 the man made carbon wasn't to blame..? uh?
    after 01 it was.
    oh be real!
    and since temps have been DROPPING since 1998/99 and its documented to be so,
    since we are in a low solar flare stage,
    since those idiots that made the bloody simulations they all say are so dm good, amanged to NOT put solar OR cloud cover in as it was too hard!!!!
    since the cahp that did document ice loss, and then same chap announces it is recovering, and he got slammed for it, and his data decried..
    Since Al bastard Gore started the Chicago Carbon Exchange..oh boy! and they are now hamming up
    wait for it....
    Derivitave Tradinhg on Carbon.
    well my bullshit meter went off the clock.
    yes the climate IS changing.
    scuse me, thats what the world does!
    What we do has local effects, but folks really , such Hubris to consider we did this!
    Please go to youtube see Ian Plimers clips , and robert Carters too.
    the uk floods? well a Sceptic but clever scientist did warn everyone about it happening some weeks back.
    amazing the liars are believed and the REAL Honest ones get dissed.

    the iceage now sister site
    is WELL worth going to, it has the maunder minimums and a pile of interesting info, see the film clip and photo page for a crane being swamped by snow/ice in antarctica, the poles it was used to place are 115ft high, they are NOT looking that high now, as they are covered by new falls.
    the other week they decided to fluff up Nitogen as another cause. :-)
    spare us!
    if they wanted to do something there they could BAN CAFO's now! as the nitrogen methane and byproduct that would normally not be an issue, ie in soil its immediately used by dung beetles bateria etc simply does as it should it recycles.
    No agenda on Does! boost plany growth, we cut carbon, and we screw up the very food crops we need!
    Monsantos use of warmist scamming should also tell you its a money trail.
    Few weeks ago a big UK push for GM... saying they my have to ration food if they didnt allow that crap to grow..then this week they come out with revised caloric intakes of 500calories MORE per person per day.
    this in a nation of unfit obese slugs!
    Ha Ha Ha what the F!!!

  10. HUGS!:-) good on ya Brad! :-)

  11. Its called the apocalypse.

  12. Al Gore has some "splainin" to do.

  13. Al Gore is a fraud. He and his cohorts are set to make billions on the carbon tax, cap & trade schemes.

    Funny how he and his corporate buddies in msm and environmental agencies blame climate change on we peons with nary a word about corporate and military poisoning of the air sea and land isn't it?. They are the REAL rape and pillagers of the earth.

    NO, it'a all about taxing us and making us use ugly florescent light bulbs made with mercury and closely monitoring every bit of energy we use to tax us some more or perhaps fine us.. Even though many of us are already using the least amount of energy we can because we can't afford to be extravagant by turning the heat up in winter to a toasty 68 degrees!

    Global warming is a HUGE money making, slave producing scam perpetrated by the same elite banksters and corporate creeps that stole our pensions and blew up the towers.

    WIth all the leaked emails exposing this fraud, let's hope it leads to the end of the bullshit.

  14. Does anybody dispute the likelyhood of the point I made in my post on Nobel Prize and Obama.

    As most of COTO knows, the payoff prize is generally given to one preemptively for public relation purposes either before or after they make some very bad decisions. The award gives some new polish to the old leather of the elitist harness that chokes the world of any real or meaningful changes. Political and scientific breakthroughs are provided added spin for under the guise of health, humanitarian and social progress when in fact they are achievements in the Illuminati grip on terrorism, weaponry and domination.

    To review these awards and determine when the COMMITTEE approached Gore to tell him he was going to give up the presidency because they required the Red Team Neo-Cons 911 Triad.

    So to sooth the man, they hooked him up with Climate Eugenics Triad and made him the figurehead. Certainly Gore had to spend his nights in class doing his homework on the false facts and agenda.

    Not only did they have to give him the Nobel but Gore played hardball and they had to kick in an oscar. The Oscar is just as much a fraud as any other Elitist award.

    Obama's Nobel certainly means that he is primed for a very difficult time and will have to stick his neck out. Afghanistan troop deployment.

    As predicted after we have all had a major dose of Tryptophan poisoning, he will make the decision to send fifty thousand more troops to his own 'Private Vietnam.'

    Fort Hood was a component and we should still receive some additional COMMITTEE action to insure this move.

    Gore sold out as Clinton did with WTO. Clinton might have gotten one if he hadn't diddled with Monica. Jimmy Carter didn't diddle. He got one.