Wednesday, November 25, 2009

For all my frieeeeeends..

A toast to everyone in our Coto Family.  I love you all for your passion and boundless energy in exposing the nwo criminals and their dastardly crimes.  It's tough work but somebody's gotta do it ;) ~jg

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Back at ya, you beautiful example of a humane being.

    You know just a week ago I would have said we have little to be thankful for. But events over the past few days have given me reason to truly be thankful.

    Passage of auditing the FED.

    The hacked emails.

    And as we speak HP has two articles up on 9/11 and is not censoring comments!

    Jessie Ventura's series coming out.

    Dare I say it? Are we witnessing the breaking of the damn? Has the tide turned? Is it now that those that have been lying in wait to catch our enemies at their most vulnerable picked this time to strike?

    God I hope so. Can't help but believe that we're still going to go through some tough times, but if we can weaken the Vulcan's now, we can certainly minimize the damage.

    All I know is that for the first time in a long time, and I mean a long, long time, I see a crack of light shinning through.

    Ah, wouldn't it be nice if we all could live long enough to dance on the graves of those that have oppressed us, and give celebration to our true spirit.

    I would kiss you all a thousand times, and go back to kiss you Deb a million times more!

  2. Mr M, Jersey Girl and All My Other COTO Friends

    Mr M, in response to what you posted above, I agree.

    Here is a line from Bobby Sands. To those who do not know, Bobby Sands was the man who died on Hunger Strike, as part of the struggle against the British.

    He said
    "Our revenge will be the laughter of our children."

    So it will be for us in COTO. All the COTO all over the world. We are far from being alone.

    As an aside, my campaign manager and best friend in the world just showed me the Rock Creek Free Press.

    If you have never read it, then I suggest you do so. get a subscription.

    This ballsy little publication is COTO to the hilt.

  3. A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Jersey Girl, and to all. That's a beautiful picture, looks like a Thomas Kincade?

    Also hoping that the "MILLIONS" of homeless and the less fortunate throughout this "once great" nation of ours (so dam F'n sad) recieves a decent meal today. You'd think, right?

    I'll post this for Michael. There are indeed several really good articles in the paper

    When dictatorship came to America is one of them

  4. Dittos, JG dittos and more dittos.

    Keep yer kisses -and MC my kids are already laughing their asses off!

    Happy T-day

    Now back to fishin'...

  5. Ahhhh M....I'm so thankful to know you. You are the one that drew me to oen with your passionate, spot on comments. Your artwork should be displayed for all the world to see. You're right, I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel finally too. ~sigh~ something to give thanks for today. Perhaps we don't need to share that bunker now? Maybe we can share a bottle of wine and a nice pasta dinner sometime instead;)

    There is nothing sexier than a man (or woman)that fights for the principles they believe in. That goes for each and every member of Coto. What a bunch of dead sexy bastards you all are ! I'd love to gather you all around the table tonight for pie, coffee and mostly excellent, rousing conversation!

  6. Thanks for the tip Irish. I'll look that up tomorrow. I actually have a day off from work.. yaaaaaaaaaayy!!

    Irish, you're one helluva troublemaker with a bullhorn ! Thank you !

  7. Munich, thanks for posting all my favorite songs over these many months (how did you know?) Also, thanks for sharing my tremendous outrage at our chemtrailed skies. It's nice to know someone else in our area is noticing. Rain, rain and more rain.........

    PS: yes Jack, that is a Thomas Kinkade. I find myself wanting to live in each and every house he paints.

  8. Lev, are you having fish for dinner today?!

    Even tho you are such a died in the wool damn, freakin' republican, we share many of the same views. Someday coto will coax you out of that left/right paradigm box. haha ;)

    Thanks for your many informative pieces on coto.

  9. I used to feel like the last Mohican. Thanks to you all today I am feeling more like Guwisguwi and ready to walk the trail of tears with all of you.

    Many Blessings ~PD

  10. Hi COTO friends! Wishing you all well on this day of Thanksgiving! Thanks to JG for putting up this post!

    My Happy Thought for the Day: May the heads and hearts of the NWO and Financial criminalists "Explode" today due to the Positive Vibes bouncing around the World at this time. And may all their plots, scams, and such like be exposed ASAP and their personal worlds collapse into nothingness, and the nightmares of their creation come back to haunt them forever!

    Ahhhh...then there will be another day of Thanksgiving for the World.

  11. Patrick, a special thank you for your work here and especially your amazing headers. Your creativity appears endless and apparently so is your patience.

    Your'e the best.

  12. boomer, I'm with you !! I'm so glad you've taken up permanent residence here at coto ;)

  13. Jg...More than thanx at thanxgiving...for every appreciation for you and all here who share and speak for more them just themselves. For the tapestry us. To feel for others.
    I request and submit this for all to enjoy.


  14. I was cooking all day yesterday so I didnt get here till now. Thanks JG !

  15. How do I get into the secret, super duper article right above here?

    It asks for a password. I tried my COTO password but it won't let me in.

    Are you guys the elite? Are you all hiding something from me?