Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Great Poisoning of America Begins, October 2009


From Ken Adachi, Editor
October 5, 2009

Yesterday, while working outside, I had my small portable radio tuned to ABC, 790 AM. I heard Tim Conway, Junior, son of comedian Tim Conway, blather on endlessly about how dangerous and deadly the Swine Flu "outbreak" was and how very IMPORTANT it was to "protect" yourself and your family from being stricken dead by this killer flu and to get your Swine flu shot as soon as possible.


  1. Speaking of outside. Today the sky was filled with Chemtrails, which continued throughout the entire day. It was a heavy assault that consisted of multiple parallel lines and X patterns. The sky was an ugly F'n mess.

    I spent about a forty-five minutes sweeping leaves and my sinuses were so dam clogged that I actually began spitting blood, which has since stopped. I hate these mother F'ers.

    This is such a serious issue we're dealing with, breathing in and ingesting barium and aluminum, as are these malevolent (eugenics) injections they want to force upon our dummed down (Jon and Kate plus eight) populous.

  2. The chemtrails were horrible here too, Munich. Swirls and billowing jagged lines mixed amongst the normal rain clouds. No wonder we have been experiencing such weird, humid weather in mid October the past few years. On the way home from the store I was wondering if other people noticed and wondered what was wrong with the sky.

    What causes global warming? Just go outside and look up. Those funny toxic clouds are actually holding in all the heat and dropping deadly metals and bacterium all over us.

    Fuck Al Gore.. he lied.

    As for the shots. This author is right, if they make them mandatory in schools, pull your kids out unless you want to see them suffer with auto immune disorders and cancer while they are still very young.

  3. Still no chemtrails here. Not since February. Maybe they're sparing us for some reason? New Orleans is a hub, and it does have some of the richest people in the country (along with the poorest), but still, I can't explain why we seem to be being spared the chemtrails.

    The vaccines of course are another thing. It sees there are quite a few that are not going to take the vaccine, but enough of the dumded-down are lining up to do so.

    One thing is for certain, we'll all find out soon enough just how bad its going to be.

  4. My answer -- No. Most people don't look UP. They don't look Around themselves. They don't even look Down to spot spare change on the ground and pick it up. Why Not?! All I know is it is "something".

    What do people deserve who go through their "virtual" TV Fastfood lives foolish, incurious, indolent, and ignorant? Answer -- They'll get the reality that supplants their un-reality of a ficticious life! the song goes from the 70's I believe -- "If I had a rocket launcher..."; yeah, I'd send each chemtrail ignoramus pilot spiraling down to earth with a swizzle stick plume of chemtrail following him straight to the Hell he's been spewing.

    Oh...sorry for my angst. So be it.

    Vaccine "Providers"? Right. Let me stick it in your neck first, wait sic(x) months and we'll see if it "prevents" anything BAD, or is in fact "DIABOLICAL" in and of itself. C'est la'vie.

    Whatever... I want a 2nd Opinion. I want a Real Fucking Doctor. I want a Real Damn Leader with a CONCIENCE AND A CLUE ABOUT HUMANITY! Is that asking too much?!

    Or is it like getting the Truth on anything on any Front is the likelihood of a SNOBELL IN HELL lasting longer than a pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft!

  5. Yea boom, that last thing you said....

  6. Are you seeing really clear blue autumn skies M? They keep mucking up our October skies with their white out. I've just been seeing them in this area the past two or three years. I know they've been spraying like mad in California, Arizona & New Mexico. Maybe they fumigate blocks of the country at a time and not all at once.

  7. Hello Jersey Girl, Mr. M and Boomerang.

    It's genocide, pure and simple. They're not telling us what they're spraying in the skies (they sprayed again today, all day here in Philly, Pa. and probably the entire East Coast) and they're sure a hell not going to inform the sheople of the content in these (lethal) injections.

    Their game plan is to thin the herd. It's beyond tyranny!

    Just take a minute to look at the background on any of the "newspeak" shows (even Democracy Now with Amy Goodman) and you'll see the white streamers or lines, which are a subliminal way to introduce them to the sheople, who'll then accept and never really question what's being sprayed.

    I don't like to wig people out however, someone did their research and it seems synthetic-model (nano) organisms are what is in these F'n Chemtrails.

    Just an amazing article.

  8. Blue skies. At least when it isn't raining, which it has been doing a lot of lately.

    As paranoid as I am, I check my six when I open my eyes. I have seen maybe a half-dozen trials in as many months. And weak ones at that.

    Before that I would see trails every damn day, plenty of them, than right after Mardi Gras - puff - nothing. I remember, because I was in the parades thinking how easy it would be to spray all these people as they filled the streets all over New Orleans, and indeed they were. Then afterward, nothing.

    What the hell these evil bastards are doing is anyone's guess, but whatever it is aint good. I just know for some strange reason we've been spared chemtrails for the past several months.

  9. That IS an amazing article Munich. Which is why I just posted it as an article on coto. Thank you !