Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday was "a very bad day for international forces in Afghanistan”

kundus120_v-grossgalerie16x9"I went to get the fuel with everybody else, and then the bombs fell on us," the boy told a delegation led by U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Greg Smith, head of public affairs for the 103,000 U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan.

Scores of civilians were killed in an ugly way. Never mind the "official" story. The German Bundeswehr saw something they didn't like, so they called for an air strike. All the while, I can't help but ask myself, time and time again, what on earth is the German Army doing in Afghanistan? I mean, hey, just ask any German on the street if the memory is still alive. There's this tiny, itzy bitzy ugly mark on the German score card. Shit happens, okay. NOT OKAY --- What on earth is the German Army doing in Afghanistan? The war they are participating in IS ILLEGAL!

I suspect you're feeling better now, after reading about German soldiers and airmen participating in yet another illegal war, after so many years of neutrality. I'll bet you can find comfort in the fact it isn't your military doing the dirty (and illegal) work.

Guess what. Guess who dropped the bombs on the gasoline tankers? In other words, look in Rear Admiral Smith's eyes and guess who fucked this one up. Be my guest. Guess.

It takes two to tango. This time, it was the Germans (called in the air strike) and the Americans (dropped bombs on tankers filled with gasoline while CIVILIANS were busy grabbing up free gasoline while the trucks were stuck in the sand). A prefect team. The fascists of the recent past call in the fascists de jour to kill even more "ragheads".

So who's counting? Just a few more "ragheads". There are plenty more where those came from, I hear you mumbling.

Ward Churchill labled 9/11 as a "blowback". Of course, Ward is and was wrong with his definition. 9/11 was an inside job which only served to enable everything that has been done since that day. It's fuckups such as the one from yesterday that will generate and draw upon us what the Co. so lovingly cals "blowbacks". The very first of such came earlier today. More will follow as your "ragheads" and everyone else on the short end of your sticks work at getting even with the PTB as we know them today.

Lord have mery on our souls the day the shit we have dished out to others is dished out to us on the same filthy plate.

Justice will be served. If not here and now, then certainly at another place and at another time. Most likely just when we're not expecting it.


Germany out of NATO, one the above is accomplished.


  1. What's most sad is that we're not leaving Iraq or Afghanistan anytime soon. Not until the pipeline is completed. In the meantime, more innocent Afghan men, woman and children will perish needlessly. It is so fuckin horrible! We have to fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here. That is what we were told. Such bullshit!

    Look at how many innocent Iraqi's that have been killed. Perhaps as many as a MILLION, and now we're back in Afghanistan, killing and maiming all over again, while the fuckin war pigs line their pockets and America crumbles. What a concept!

    Justice will indeed be served.

  2. I know, Munich, there's little chance of anyone being succesful in getting the troops out any time soon. The pipeline is another thing I wrote about a number of years ago when everybody was busy screaming "kill, kill, kill" as they called for retaliation for 9/11 --- as if anybody had even a speck of proof that anyone from or hiding in or around Afghanistan was responsible for 9/11. It was set up to look that way, yes, but for a purposes.

    The Caspian Sea. Natural Gas, Oil and Global Strategic Repositioning for the next phase on the grand chess game.

    But what I would like to see is the German Bundeswehr get their moma's babys arses out of Afghanistan. Former Green Party leader Joschka Fischer sold us out in a most cold blooded manner when he pushed for the sending of German Troops TO ASSIST "our American friends". The day he did that, the Green Party in Germany took a nose dive and now the fuckers are going to bed with the CU, the conservative right in order to save their political arses from total extinction. Cop out, sell out, powered out, petered out, turned their backs on their base and their ideals....the Green have sold their souls to gain political power and in doing so, have lost all credibility. Our only hope now is that the Linke gain more power and draw the Social Democrats (SPD) over to their side as we demand an end to Germany's participation in the illegal wars. Exiting NATO ould be the next step, but one step at a time. You see, these are the local issues I have to deal with while US politics makes me yawn as the machine rolls over the left and the right because there is no left and no right when it comes to pancakes and melted butter. What upsets me is that the USA can still get away with pressuring Europeans into participating in their illegal games. I say fuck off, USA. Go fuck yourselves. Sadly, it's not that easy as the power grab for energy and energy sources in running full scale. Nobody wants to be left out in the cold with a Gazprom or RWE and OMV. And Gazprom is known for turning the gas off on the coldest nights in winter as they "bargain" with consumers for rate hikes.

  3. addendum post typo.....sans addendum zwo;

    "Green Party in Germany took a nose dive and now the fuckers are going to bed with the CDU..."

    I know you guys don't give a shit about what goes down in Europe and some of you see Europe's Banks as the root of all evil. But why alienate yourselves so quickly? The whole idea behind the worldwide socialist movement is to galvanize forces all across the world in the struggle against tyranny, blatant capitolism and war mongering. The people, the working class of Europe is not the same bunch of people running the Banks in Europe.

    Of course, you can also hide in your shell and cuddle up with look-alikes and hope they don't find anything foreign onya.

  4. Tony

    The Green Party did the exact same thing here in the US.

    I am a former Green. That is what the whole dump nader and do nothing for Cynthia McKinney (my candidate until the end) was all about.

    Of course something beautiful is rising from the wreakage of the Greens.

    You shall be hearing about it soon.

  5. The level of outrage over this incident is high compared to much of what has been happening and been reported here lately. Again, "here" = Germany.

    Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel has called for an invesigation (whooppee!) and will lead an international whatever on the subect "Afghanistan" with the first meeting to be held before the end of the year.

    Do you smell the fish? The general election is just right around the corner.

    The most disgusting part of Merkel's announcement late last evening was the following, translated from German to English, not by Irish but be me (Marko's favorite Plant, LOL);

    "we want to get to the bottom of this and our goal is to find out if there were ANY civilian casualties".

    How fucking stupid does it get, folks? OF COURSE THERE WERE CIVILIAN CASUALTIES !! The ONLY question being, how many.

    You do recall the incident, right? Last friday, members of the German Army in Afghanistan (while on patrol or whatever) THOUGHT they witnesses the hijacking of two gasoline trucks by oooohhh, the evil "Taliban". The trucks got stuck on the sand down by a river and either shortly prior or after them getting stuck, the German Officer in charge called the US up asking for an air strike. Allthe while, people were helping themselves to the FREE GASOLINE: the bombs hit while scores were immediately on site. Instant death for most of them, a slower death for those one hundred yards away and major injuries for any close enough to witness the ordeal.....................except our loyal members of NATO.

    In defense of Merkel, each and every one of the persons getting FREE GASOLINE off one of those trucks .....

    very well could have been "ENEMY COMBATANTS" (Taliban).

    I mean, anything is possible, duh. After ll, it is a matter of definition.

  6. Taliban... AlCIAda...Osama Bin Laden.. enemy combatants? you betcha'. But they are truly the enemy we here in the U.S. know all too well. Trained, paid and cared for by dear ole Uncle Sam. Just ask Sibel Edmonds.

  7. I believe you're missing my point, JG. The Taliban in A'ghan are no threat to the USA, period. Never mind all that other gobllygook about who trained and financed them. My good friend the VPOCV John McCarthy can take it all the way back to the first training sessions. I'm aware of that and more.

    The German Army called for an air strike on two loaded gas truck that were stuck in the wet sand along the river Kundus. Or is it Kundu? Duddint mattah. Anyway, the idiots had one single informant who said the circa 100 persons collected around the trucks were Taliban.

    Look, a bunch of Taliban! Look, two hijacked trucks full of gas. DANGER WILL ROBINSON! DANGER! TALIBAN! Teletabbies. Bullshit. Bull fucking shit. Betcha one certain head is gona role over this. His name is mud (Jung). More under the following URL. Never mind the German. Look at the pretty pictures and imagine what it's all about. Angie looks sooooo sweet.


  8. Jung finally resigns, half an hour ago. He had been "moved" from defence minister to labor minister....a very stupid attempt on the part of the Ferkel to hide the Kunduz massacre and protect her boy. It didn't work and now, only days after the new Govt. has been formed, the first minister resigns. By handling this all wrong, the Ferkel now has a bad stain on her dress and 75% of all Germans want the Bundeswehr out of Afghanistan - NOW. In a way, this blunder helped our cause. Now, to put on more pressure to keep this ball moving (toward peace).

    Live from Frankfurt, Germany, this is tonyforest signing out.

    P.S. what's Thanksgiving?