Monday, August 10, 2009



Whether our proposed annihilation is intended to be brought about by the artificially constructed ‘flu virus or by its equally-fabricated supposed antidote, or indeed by any world conflagration to be detonated with that sixth nuclear bomb that was never recovered, all this is really neither here nor there. Enough that, like the war that it is, it has been declared.

No, no matter that they went to all that trouble to pervert nature in forming these toxins, or in stealing those six bombs and then killing those who knew about it, were implicated or just who had the bad luck to be around.

None of that really matters. That is water under the bridge.

The law-enforcement agencies are always saying that they can’t really act until a crime has been committed but, at the same time, crime-prevention is better than crime-cure. And we all have to agree there.

So the point here is this:

He who pays the piper calls the tune. Right.

We now know that all the various wars, at least of the past century and for whatever claimed reason, have been brought about via false pretenses, and that equally vile acts are in the pipeline, whether just killing a few million Iranians or Venezuelans for their oil, or a few billion of us just for Auld Lang Syne.

Equally, we know who the ultimate Paymaster is in today’s world as for the last century and a half, who is calling today’s tune of war, intended war and intended elimination of the majority. And so should you all know, because I and others, to the point of your boredom, have been telling you precisely who they are for the past several years.

Had he not had the foresight to take precautions, Hitler would assuredly have been hanged or shot for supposedly leading Germany into the Second World War, certainly for what then occurred through it. In his absence, his deputy leaders were hanged in his stead, so no doubt there.

Presumably, had he not been crucial to the intended initiation, progress and outcome of that war, he could and would easily have been assassinated in one way or another before it ever started. Certainly, in one way or another, he would have been stopped and the war – if not desired – would have been averted.

So the single most important question to all of us, to all our watching world and to all of our law-enforcement agencies, now and increasingly in what future we may have intended for us, is -

Why wait?

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