Monday, August 17, 2009

The Superbug in Your Supermarket

superbug_supermarketA potentially deadly new strain of anti-biotic-resistant microbes may be widespread in our food supply.  MRSA, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is a form of staph bacteria that resists antibiotics (including methicillin), making it hard to treat, even lethal. 

Industrial agriculture is now a potent source of these infections.

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  1. Hey welcome back laudy :)

    Now thanks to your article I'm feeling quite ill myself. Seriously, I was just thinking the other day that there is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING that is safe to eat or drink anymore.

    Do we trust organic products to truly be organic with the people in this fascist govt doing the certifying?

    Now we have to worry about MRSA in meat. This line made me laugh out loud:

    "In the wake of food recalls, E. coli outbreaks, and concerns such as MRSA, President Obama recently created the Food Safety Working Group to help upgrade laws to keep our food supply safe."

    Oh yea, he's worried about our food safety. That's why he made Tom Vilsack, mr monsanto, Secty of ag. What a disgusting joke played on we the consumers.

    And.....Codex is on the way........

  2. Range Fed, Kosher slaughter, smaller and more production and distribution. Eliminate the need for anti-biotic fed animals, that immune our systems to these super strains.

    Doesn't really fit into the globalist, one world food producer model, does it? Population will dictate we go to insect or rodent protien eventually. Easier to make the vegan transition doesn't it?