Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Silent No More



  1. ha! No shit M! Ya know, I think some of the sheep are actually pulling away from the flock....

  2. AND spell - or will just read do?

  3. umm, SHEAR is singular, SHORN is the plural.
    to be shorn. Sorry to be pedantic.

    I notice as an aside..

    Nowdays people trodded:-) water??

    in some books I have read.

    tread, treading,
    trod, trodden

    but I LIKE IT anyway:-)

  4. M is correct, us farmers dont spell so gud.

  5. If they are...theres a dog somewhere to bite them and get em back in line!
    There is NO escape for sheep!

  6. I am reading a book called"Sheepshit on the Brain" about shearers, modern day. The old time tales are funnier.
    But people have lost their humour , with all the rules and reg's imposed.

    They mighn't spell so well, but their maths is spot on! Paid per fleece, it teaches them quickly:-)
    I notice they can calculate Drench dosages and farm chemicals quite well.
    But amazingly can still bring home the wrong product when the missus sends them to the store.
    I think it's a " man thing" ;-)

  7. "SHEAR is singular, SHORN is the plural." - whoopie.

    No, honest, reelly, I think modern edgecation is wunnerful. So madgenative.

  8. And you're going to hate me...
    The middle sign should read
    To be Shorn.
    I really don't mean to offend anyone, its just that when the book of prints is published...:-)
    No,No put the shears away!! aaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. And for those who can read... I am about to post original documents from the UN about how we are being screwed just like these sheep...

    I tried giving these documents to another un-named writer who is on OEN and here at COTO, and that person has done nothing with them. And when I asked, they said they had forgotten. I guess that is what happens when your hair turns white like these sheep...

    More than 99.999999999999999999999999% of all Americans have never even heard of what I am about to post and you have researchers of the Republican party to thank for uncovering what the UN hides from all of us. Resolutions 3201 and 3202.

    And who do we have to thank for voting this crap into law? Liberal democrats- the party of traitors.

  10. Please, post it, I am all eyes and ears:-) as what affects you ,tends to slough off onto the rest of us somehow.

  11. Hey Levin, don't know how many folks you sent these docs too. I was perhaps one. Or the one (you refer to here as a OEN writer and Coto member). And other than to read and study them in the time I have and to then surmise what they may or may not portend, I must tell you that they are, by me, anything but forgotten.

    You know me pretty well Levin, the basics of me, nothing too deep, but you know well I come from a place that has as its weakness (and strength) an inability to condemn absolutely.

    This same 13 page doc (you're smartly about to post here) on these two UN resolutions, on its face is so utterly stunning in its calmness as it speaks of manufacturing a world of 'interdependance' while using words in the same sentence like 'sovereign equality' to describe what basically can only in my feeble mind be described as doublespeak.

    I am not a rabble rouser. I seek nothing added in my life that threatens those I love and care for and for me. I am here at Coto because I find among those here a compassion born of a sense of community, a quality I try to offer in my ability through music to tell the truth whatever that truth is for each of us.

    For my early years, I believed the UN was the better part of the human attempt to connect people to people. The Utopian hippie on Haight and Cole streets. I was over time proven to be very very wrong. Before we met, I'd already gone through the morph. My history is boring but true.

    What is different for me now is that I am wondering if my life as it has been up til now, has been preparing me for a new tact. Seeing you suggest I have done nothing with this got me thinking. So I am. A lot.

    I am so touchy feelly in my style, for the first time in my life I am considering risking more than I ever have. I'm just not clear how to or where to begin.

    What I do know is as different as we are, you are a welcome addition in that you made me think. I hope I have had a like effect on you.


  12. "Liberal democrats- the party of traitors."

    There is only ONE "party:" THE MONEY PARTY.

    Now, Lev... I just got off the phone with God... and She said that every time you use this line, I can go ahead and knock 10 points off your IQ.

  13. Yes indeed if they could read then they could look at maps of Iran and China and such...........

  14. Greece now on the fleece.


    "By JB
    Greece is set to be the first country where people will be forced to take the WHO flu killer vaccination.

    The Greeks refused to launch a mass vaccination campaign during the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918-1919 and had almost no deaths, underlining that it is the vaccines that are the cause of deaths not the virus.

    Today, the Greeks are going to be first people to be forced by WHo and WHO agents in their national government to take a vaccine that is classified as a bioweapon."

    This somehow fits with Sheep so I decided to drop it here. Too lazy to put up an article. See this as an fyi & a.