Friday, August 14, 2009

NAFTA & Global Warming - We've been scammed


A little quiz.   Try to guess on what homepage you will find the picture featured above...

Answer:   Goldman Sachs

If you think carbon taxing the american people to death, in the name of climate change, and charging more for everything we consume isn't a corporate scam than you need to think again.

Go back in time and watch this little video I found at I really do miss Ross Perot ~jg


  1. This is a good find. Do you know what else is interesting? The person who is 2nd in charge of the entire Clinton Global Initiative, aside from Bill himself, is... you guessed it, a career Goldman Sachs man.

    They just seem to be everywhere these days...

  2. Now... here's the deal: NAFTA was a scam. Global Climate Instability is NOT a scam. It's science.

    The "32,000 scientists" meme is bullshit.

    As a Green, I have been following this issue carefully for 30 years. I don't have time to go through all the science with anybody any more... BUT...

    The "CO2" crap glosses over anthropogenic (human-produced) greenhouse gassES... of which CO2 CAN act as ONE. It's real. It's science. Get over it.

    NOW: is cap/trade carbon tax or whatever the hell it is a "scam?" Probably. I haven't studied it yet. I'm still trying to pick through the "health care" bullshit. But here's the TRUTH you can write home and tell to Mom:

    The cost of "everything we consume" is going to increase NO MATTER WHAT... and whatever keeps us whining and dithering about "our" "money" is exactly what keeps us so blitheringly stupid. That's why "the bastards" make out on it EVERY TIME. It was never "ours" and "money" isn't real and the bastards know that and WE DON'T.

    And every time we jump at the "WOOOO... dose wascawwy socawists is gonna waise you TAXES" biscuit like a little peeing puppy, we get sold a REAL bag-o-shit... like a "war on terra."

    Of course the bastards are everywhere.

  3. Barb.. it's those bastards goldman sachs.

  4. "The sucking sound you hear is jobs leaving this country." ~ Ross Perot

    "The sucking sound you hear is illegal immmigrants flying into the US." ~ Puddy Dunne

    "The sucking sound you hear is Globalization, the number one cause of global warming." ~ Puddy Dunne

    "The sucking sound you hear is Monica Lewinsky, the number reason NAFTA was signed." ~ PD

    "The sucking sound you hear is everything American going down the toilet." ~ anyone with four or more working brain cells

  5. That sucking sound you hear is Waldo when he clicks that link you posted about Al

  6. Somebody on this thread is a plant. Guess who?
    But COTO is a tough nut to crack. Tom Murphy took a look and bailed. Didn't even try to make a propaganda argument. To be a successful plant on this site, you have to agree with MOST of COTO's views, otherwise it's all too..."obvious".
    So the plant's (a very talented writer) job is to agree and promote COTO views, with a few exceptions, like for warming and, oh, trashing the establishment's biggest threat Ron Paul for example. And this plant has at least one chearleading fan to offer agreement. Classic propaganda.

  7. Excellent article and reply Jersey Girl.

    Al Gore, who would a thunk it?

    A good friend of mine JG is an International Trade Specialist, who resides in South Jersey. I remember back when NAFTA was first passed, this friend lamenting about how good NAFTA was going to be for this country. That, plus CAFTA and GATT.

    So who exactly benefited from these nefarious trade deals? Yeah! Not the American sheople. They were sold a bad bill of goods.

    I tried explaining this to my friend, but I may as well of been talking to a wall.

    He's corporate now, and sadly, we haven't spoken in sometime. He's working for one of the huge law firms in downtown Philly, doing trade deals with China etc. The very same trade deals which continue ta wreak havoc on our once great country, while the sheople, they continue voting for the phony left-ight paradigm, hoping that someday change will come their way.

    Hey, did ya hear the EAGLES signed that convicted felon, mans' best friend torturing and killing Michael Vick? How sick is that? Only in Brotherly Love.

  8. Waldo.. for the record I don't think you're a plant. I think you're clinging to the hope that everything good we believed in was not a huge lie. I gave up believing when I realized the people I thought were working for us were working only for themselves and their benefactors.

    If I remember rightly in the 70's the talk was all about a new ice age not global warming. Yea, we were worried about pollution and our planet turning into a version of the movie soylent green but no one said the planet was heating up then. Back then it was about factories and coal plants polluting the air and water. Remember all the uproar about toxic waste dumps? How many were never cleaned up? Too many. And lest we forget, the government has been playing with the weather for decades. Remember the cloud seeding in nam and elsewhere?

    No, trying to pin the blame about what's happening with the climate on our cars is pure unadulterated bs. Yea, it contributes to pollution but I'd say their poisoning the atmosphere with their nasty weather altering chemicals & zapping the upper atmosphere with an ionospheric heater (HAARP) has a lot more to do with it.

    Think about it. Another way to control the masses... send a flood here a tornado there.. devastation and death. It's the way they like to operate. Kill us slowly kill us quickly but all the while keep us enslaved by having to work just to pay for their crappy healthcare & drugs because they are making us sick. The slaves never get ahead because at least half of what we earn goes to taxes. And what do we get for it? Toxic food, air and water.

    Yea, it's all about the CO2.

  9. "convicted felon" is it? well-- your hero Tom Payne was a "convicted felon." So am I. So how about a nice cup of stfu?

    You law-abiding-citizens are fucking tools. So keep dithering about "your" fucking "money" and enjoy the fantasy that you'll have the ass to "resist." YOU DON'T... otherwise you would have done so by now... and learned what it's like to wear shackles.

    Fucking lightweights.

  10. Yep Munich. We've been sold down the river by our so called representatives for years. Doesn't sound like a great loss for you, not talking to a corporate sellout.

    Yes, I did hear about the Eagles signing the dog killing Vick. Really pissed me off. Most of Philly seems to feel the same way. Just wait until they win a few games with his help. All will be forgotten.

  11. Waldo... did you abuse dogs like Vick?

  12. I forget for now who "Vic" is... but whythehell would I "abuse" anybody who goes to heaven and (might possibly in my own stoopid monkey-brain) put in a good word for me?

    I just got done rasslin and bitin wit me Border-collie buddy.

    He's a lot smarter than a buncha dum-fuk "Paulitos."

  13. you have a border collie? I love them.. If i had anything that resembled a yard, I'd have one. They need lots of running room.

    Btw, I'm a kucinichite & naderite not a paulito tho I do admire the man for his outspoken anti war and civil liberties stance. If he were the republican candidate instead of McInsain I would have voted for him.

  14. "You law-abiding-citizens are fucking tools?"

    Waldo, why are you so flockin angry?

    So you wore shackles. What, you want an egg in your beer?

  15. Saw some ESPN video this AM of protestors outside the Vick signing ceremony in Philly. One had a sign" Hide your beagle, Vick's an Eagle" thought that was pretty good. I will again reiterate: there are many scientists here in the US that have signed the anti man-made global warming petition and the total is now just under 32, you can see if you bother to go to the webpage
    CO2 is such a minute factor in any greenhouse warming (well less than 1% when you include wator vapor (~94%) and methane (~5%) and we have no little to no control over water vapor levels that any discussion of reducing CO2 to reduce warming is moot. Besides, it's been much higher millions of years ago when man was producing little to none of it and the result? plants flourished, and and in turn animals did as well.
    Plants give off O2; the more plants, the more O2. W#ouldn't it be better to regulate truly man made and toxic chemical components of smog like NOx, Sulfur dioxide and ground level Ozone (not to mention outlaw the use of DU in munitions) and stop killing millions every year due to respiratory diseases?