Friday, August 28, 2009

Government Graveyard



  1. Excellent & scary artwork M. Suitable for framing in the "Night Gallery."

    Here's the lowdown on the 1957 flu "accident". It seems labs are always "accidentally" sending out very dangerous virus strains.

    My my one would think such negligence and such bad record keeping would be punished in some way when the entire world population is put at risk wouldn't you? But au contraire! It's just an ooops... accidents do happen you know........

    From wiki:

    From October 2004 to February 2005, approximately 3,700 test kits of the 1957 H2N2 virus were accidentally spread around the world from the College of American Pathologists (CAP). CAP assists laboratories in accuracy by providing unidentified samples of viruses; private contractor Meridian Bioscience in Cincinnati, U.S., chose the 1957 strand instead of one of the less deadly avian influenza virus subtypes. "CAP spokesman Dr. Jared Schwartz said Meridian knew what the virus was but believed it was safe. In selecting it, the company had determined that the virus was classified as a biosafety level 2 (BSL-2) agent, which meant it could legally be used in the kits. [...] Before the problem came to light, the CDC had made a recommendation that the H2N2 virus be reclassified as a BSL-3 agent, Gerberding said. She promised to speed up the reclassification. The CDC determines the classifications in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health. In BSL-3 labs, agents are handled with equipment designed to prevent any airborne contamination and resulting respiratory exposure."[10] The 1957 H2N2 virus is considered deadly and the U.S. government called for the vials containing the strain to be destroyed.

    "CDC officials reported on 21 April that 99% of the samples had already been destroyed. News reports on 25 April said the last samples outside the United States had been destroyed at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon, after they were found at the Beirut airport. Earlier reports said H2N2 samples were sent to 3,747 labs under CAP auspices and to about another 2,700 labs certified by other organizations. All but about 75 labs that received the CAP samples were in the United States."[11]

    "In the United States, there is no government regulation over the 1957 flu strain. In fact, federal officials at the CDC do not even know how many U.S. laboratories keep this deadly strain in their viral libraries."[12]

  2. Wonder if any of the guinea pigs for the current flu jab are feeling any ill effects about now. Of course, the vaccine being used is not the same one they will actuall fob off on us this fall, but still like to know if any adjuvant side efeects have occurred

  3. ditto that. Would love to know how these people are feeling. They should be monitored for a few years, at least.