Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fort Worth firm testing swine flu vaccine on volunteers


When you read this news article, you will see a very clear example of a typical Amerikan Sheeple.   Dumber than dirt and compliant as play doh and ready to line their little kiddies up for their poison potion.  Scary ~jg

Art by Steve Shanks

Fort Worth firm testing swine flu vaccine on volunteers

12:00 AM CDT on Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fort Worth Star-Telegram FORT WORTH – When Angela Witkamp heard that a local research company would soon be testing a swine flu vaccine, she had no reservations about signing up her two young daughters for a clinical trial.

"Any vaccination you get, there are side effects," Witkamp said. "But the benefits of getting the vaccination definitely outweigh them. There are people dying from the swine flu.

"Some of my friends call us guinea pigs, but they are not fully informed. The vaccination that they will be studying will be the same that anyone can get at the health department [when it is approved]."

Witkamp and her girls, Baylee, 3, and Emmie, 5, are among thousands of people rolling up their sleeves for science as drug companies, doctors and government officials work to get a safe and effective swine flu vaccine on the market by October.

In June, the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic of H1N1, or the swine flu, which has killed more than 300 and sickened more than 43,000 in the U.S. In Texas, 5,373 cases have been reported, with 357 confirmed in Dallas County and 210 in Tarrant County, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Officials expect to see those numbers rise when school starts, which is why large-scale clinical trials are being conducted worldwide.

In Fort Worth, Benchmark Research is conducting clinical trials for several drug companies, testing to see patients' reactions to the experimental vaccine and whether it produces an immune response to the H1N1 virus. Benchmark, which is paying patients $200 to $600, depending on the study and its protocol, will begin administering injections next week.

"What we are doing is private and independent," said Dr. William Seger, Benchmark's principal investigator, who also has a private medical practice next door. "These are private companies that are developing the flu vaccine, and they need to prove to the FDA that they are acceptable. They may be the one to help bring us a vaccine that is first to the market. We are going to need them all to produce the gazillion H1N1s that we are going to need worldwide."

Although studies are being conducted on all ages, Seger especially needs patients 6 months to 17 years old, the population that is most likely to come into contact with H1N1.
Good experiences

Sara Rix's sons, Tyler, 8, and Nathan, 6, are among those participating in a clinical trial. The boys have participated in previous trials at Benchmark for other flu studies and meningitis.

"I have had good experiences in the past," said Rix, 38, a part-time preschool teacher. "I think it is beneficial, not only for the general public, but for my children. I want them to be protected. ... There are parents out there who do not vaccinate their kids at all. To me, I just don't understand that. It is like getting in a car; you want to wear a seat belt."

Tyler – a third-grader in the Lake Worth school district, which had closed down this year because of the swine flu – said he isn't afraid to get the shot.

"I know once I get the shot, I won't get that virus," Tyler said. "The shot is good."

Seger said patients who qualify for a study will be examined, have their blood drawn and receive the vaccine. For several months, they will record their temperatures, aches and pains and if there are any side effects.

In subsequent visits, their blood will be checked to see whether their immune system is building up antibodies against the H1N1 virus. The data are continuously being sent to the drug companies.
Risks involved

Seger acknowledges that there are always risks and said patients are informed that serious injury, or even death, is a possibility. In 1976, more than 500 Americans ended up with a rare neurodegenerative condition called Guillain-Barre syndrome during a mass vaccination campaign for the swine flu. Twenty-five people died.

Seger pointed out, however, that science and medicine have come a long way and that flu vaccines have been used safely for decades. He stressed that, while there is a push to get the vaccine on the market quickly, corners are not being cut.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram


  1. Wear a seatbelt AND watch the road. In fact, know where you're going.

    “Some of my friends call us guinea pigs, but they are not fully informed. The vaccination that they will be studying will be the same that anyone can get at the health department [when it is approved].” ------ unless it is changed and we know the vaccine will be changed once the target virus changes.

    This all sounds so very norml. What else to expect from a pre-school teacher. This person is surrounded by snotty nosed kids on a daily basis. To cross the river and accept the facts would be bad for her rep and career. Her whole life would be changed. It's much easier to swallow the lies and lie to yourself in saying, it's okay, they are only trying to help us live better lives. It's allright, moma's gonna keep you warm and dry. Go to sleep, baby doll. Shhhhh. Shhhh. Shhhhh.

    BILD, the boulevard press o'er here has on the tilte page today "Obese to get flu shot for FREE!" Now THAT will make a lotta people angry and wanting their's for free too. Nice tactic, eh?

  2. One just might uncharitably wonder whether "Dr. William Seger, Benchmark’s principal investigator" has volunteered himself for a shot before exposing the sheep to it.

  3. I went to My daughters school yesterday and spoke to the vice-principal. It seems there is a 6 week lag for a waiver from the state. At this time the H1N1 shot has not been adopted as mandatory by the state. I asked the VP that if when the shot is mandated and I file for a waiver will she be able to stay in class till the waiver arrives. "no" he said. That is when I went totally Irate. I feel like Nakita Kruschev only more belligerant,and more handsome.

  4. “Obese to get flu shot for FREE!” Now THAT will make a lotta people angry and wanting their’s for free too. Nice tactic, eh?

    Hmmm in that case, I'd think they want only men to get the shot.. I doubt many ladies are gonna line up for that one.. lol.

  5. flak.. I think that should be a pre-requisite !

  6. korn, can you apply for that waiver now? That would take you into mid september. The sh** isn't supposed to really hit the fan until October.

  7. Spin, Spin, Spin...soon you'll be very dizzy.
    Jeez, they must have used a team of PR people to find the best candidate for their propaganda...a pre-school teacher for @&*$'s sake. My wife is due with our first child in early January and I worry every day whether we will have to fight to exempt her from the shot, and what that will really mean for her and I. My boss keeps wanting me to sign up for a 401K; I can't see how investing now in the stock market will do me any good since it will probably crash in September or October anyway; and I'd like to keep my 20 or 40 dollars a paycheck in my own pocket.

  8. Brad if I were you I'd keep my money out of the 401k right now. If you want to invest in the future buy gold if you can afford it or silver which almost anyone with a few extra bucks can buy.

    Also, if there is anything you really need to buy right now and have the cash, now is a good time to do that as well. Prices are down, it seems everything is on sale these days. Economists that aren't paid by the govt to spin their propaganda are predicting hyperinflation which means the dollar won't go very far in the very near future.

  9. Similar to the families who agreed to get RF chipped. There no end to the mindnumbing ignorance of the people and/or the lengths the MSM and science shill will go to sell a lemon. In many cases lethal lemons.

  10. Your teeth and stomach will not thank you for trying to eat silver or gold.

    Buy land. It and water are the only realities we need. And the food you grow enables you to co-operate with others and bank goodwill. That will enable you to survive and live well.