Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Five Easy Pieces

Why we are in for a forty year occupation in Afghanistan


In Congressional testimony in 1998, John J. Maresca, vice president of international relations for the oil company UNOCAL told the committee plainly. “It's [the oil pipeline] not going to be built until there is a single Afghan government.

Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India or TAPI signed a Gas Pipeline Framework Agreement to build a U.S.-backed $7.6 billion pipeline. It would, of course, bypass Iran and new energy giant Russia, carrying Turkmeni natural gas and oil to Pakistan and India. The construction is slated to begin in 2010. The Taliban represents the problem for this renewed  plan. Meanwhile US taxpayers are going without healthcare in lieu of the defense appropriations for what will be a billion dollar annual payday for international corporations and foreign governments.  This was a Bill Clinton project originally discussed in the mid 1990's.


Given the fact that a third of the combined legal and illegal Afghan economy is based on the illegal opium industry, counter-narcotics policy is currently one of the most important elements of domestic politics. Despite law enforcement measures with a dominant focus on crop eradication programs, Afghan opium production has doubled in just two years. This has shown that currently there is no correlation between poppy crop eradication and the level of poppy cultivation or opium production. The reason for this is the underlying economic nature of the opium problem. Poverty and structural employment are the main reason for 3.3 million Afghans' full dependence on poppies.

Poppy crop eradication could even have damaging side-effects for Afghanistan's process of stabilization and reconstruction. Director of policy research for the Senlis Council, Jorrit Kamminga, says:

the poppy eradication campaign has been ineffective, counterproductive and could well give the Taliban the decisive advantage in their struggle for the hearts and minds of the Afghan people.
He is referring to US-inspired aerial fumigation campaigns, planned for spring 2008. So far, crop eradication is done manually or mechanically from the ground. Chemical spraying could further destabilize rural areas and risk losing support for NATO's stabilization mission.




Don't blame Obama. If he were to attempt a change in course here he would have the majority of the World Order Committee to contend with.


  1. As Kwiatkowski says, it's all for Israel. Well, it's therefore for those behind the very existence of Israel.

    We know who 'they' are, don't we?

    Always the same problem. And 'they' say that OUR very existence is a problem, and that they therefore they want us off the planet.

    And 'they' are so few.

    We can solve that problem, can't we, by abolishing the tool by which they can eliminate us, but they don't want to permit that, of course.

    So . . . There is another way . . .

  2. SO, today at the Post Office as I park my ride a women in a Mercedes parks her car and gets out screaming at some guy in a pick-up calling him an asshole. She literally chases this guy down. I stop and watch for a about a minute walk in the PO and while I'm in there notice I forgot something and go back out and she's still screaming at this guy, but now calling him a Nazi.

    She breaks away and starts heading in my direction. As she approaches I ask, "He's a Nazi?" And she answers "yes", because he voted for McCain. I say, "He's a Nazi because he voted for McCain? Hm-m. So you voted for Obama obviously."

    She answers "Yes."

    I than handed her a copy of The Levee (my paper) and told her this might lighten her day and as we proceed to go inside, as we're in line I as if she's happy with he choice, which of course she answers, of course. I then asked, since she's more knowledgeable, how she feels about him increasing the war in Afghanistan? To which she now starts in with the "I don't want to talk about it, he's a "great president", and how she doesn't have to defend him."

    To which I say, well, you sure were doing a pretty vocal job outside. Now she tells me again she doesn't have to defend him and says she doesn't want to talk about it, so I now shut-up. But continue to stare at her like she's a curiosity.
    She now goes to the mail-person behind the counter and tells them that I'm harassing her and she's afraid I might follow her out. The Mailman asks if I'm harassing her, and I say that you obviously didn't see what this women was doing outside and that she's the one that needs watching, to which she demands to go "behind" me so I won't follow her out.

    Weird shit is coming down. This country is getting ready to blow sky-high. These Obamatrons are 10 times worse than bush supporters ever could dream of being.

    Between the brain-washing, chem-trails, collapse of the economy, food take-over, coming engineered pandemic, and a most likely another false-flag event, I don't suspect that this time next year half the people on this planet will be alive, and I'm being kind with that number.

  3. "If he were to attempt a change in course here he would have the majority of the World Order Committee to contend with."

    - As it is, WE have the New World Order Committee and their declared intentions to contend with.

    Look, he and our other 'leaders' are supposed to represent OUR interests, which is why, whether they like it or not, 'our vote' put them there. All they have to do is to say to the law-enforcement agencies and military - "Go get'em! All of them" And that will be that. Cleaned. Simple.

    But if 'our leaders' don't or won't, then get rid of them summarily and replace them with others who WILL.

    Otherwise we will have to do it ourselves, and that will mean much much more messily for all, particularly including for 'them'.

  4. What does winning in Afganistan look like? A big long, corporate owned gas & oil pipeline running through it.

    The difference between the Taliban & alCIAda? The first is a real grassroots resistance group. The second is an imperalist boogeyman creation.

    Obama, groomed by the PTB since his early days, is their perfect Manchurian Candidate to carry the plans the elite have in store for us all. God help us.

    Nice summation Patrick.

  5. What a lunatic that lady was M. I can't believe there are so many still defending his policies. As with anyone that's trying to defend a bad choice they've made, they become ultra defensive.

    What in the hell do these obamazombies see that's different from the Bush admin? Because from where I'm sitting, all I see is more death & destruction, ever more impingement on civil liberties, more money leaving our pockets and going to the banksters and the govt and LESS, not better, health care.

    Yea, that sure sounds like change to me except it's change for the worse.

  6. We made enemies out of the Pushtan and Mujahidin during Charlie [NWO] Wilsons war and then we left them in ruins to fester. Just like leaving a bitten apple and letting the worms go to work on it.

    After twenty years we have returned again as planned. They just hadn't planned on the Taliban/Pushtan civil war.

    Looking at the NWO triad working here is clear.


    [antithesis] TERRORISM - WOT

    [synthesis] WORLD ORDER

    $$$ Redistribution
    Cartel Drug Profits
    Taxpayer Swindle
    Oil/Gas Profits
    Cold War Sting


    Funny how they have linked the Taliban to terrorism when they see the Opium issue as bad for Islam and have consistently battled for it's terminination.

    The IMBC combine knows that if Opium is gone Taliban will rule and they like Iran oppose the NWO and NATO agenda.

    In fact the Civil war is secondary to the CIA/MOSSAD DRUG CARTEL MK-ULTRA sponsored
    attacks on our own troops. One day we may find out the casualty rates of our men & women due to
    [Friendly Fire], an Oxymoron in NWO terms.

    I believe Russian or China involvement in this effort may be more than just another COOL WAR.
    As we know, it has really never ended when in fact it is the basis for all other TRIADS.

    Anybody outside the PNAC party knows Military engagement is useless in a terrorist situation. It just exacerbates the goal which they know so well.

    And the healthcare issue is a diversion. We know now that Obama has been set up to manage and front the economic meltdown, healthcare and GW frauds to keep the masses under the thumb form the real focus. Michael Jackson was a particular strategic wellstoning.

    The real issue is the WOT.

    I still promote the peoples WOT
    and the 1% Solution