Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vaccine makers & federal officials immune from lawsuits that result from any new swine flu vaccine

Speaking of immunity, if you get sick after being vaccinated for H1N1, it's your own fault and there's nada you or your lawyer can do about it. Nichts, nada, null, zilch. Get over it.

Go on now, be a good citizen and do what we say, not what we do. We have everything under control. Trust us. After all, we are your elected representatives and we have loads of credentials to prove we know exactly what we're doing.

Oh, and by the way, we just approved a pay raise for ourselves and would like to thank you for your continued support. Now get back to work, nothing to be seen here. Go on, scedaddle.


  1. You're probably sick of hearing about the swine flu. I know I am. It's all over the place, even all over COTO's pages. I wouldn't dream of writing a single word on the subject because it's already covered ad nausium. So here I is, sipping on my morning (freshly ground) coffee, reading the news and up pops this neato little AP thing saying Govt. Officials have granted Big Pharma and themselves immunity in case anything goes wrong with any of the vaccinations they would like to force us, perhaps not themselves but certainly us to take.

    This just makes my blood boil with rage. Where's my goddamned rocket launcher when I need it the most?

    Do these people think we're fucking idiots or what?

    Pardon my French. I'm a beginner.

  2. Yes, Curt. That's exactly what they think we are. Actually, most are idiots. When they ramp up the fear and report thousands have the flu and are dying, watch how fast the sheeple line up for the shots, mandatory or not.

    Big Pharma is evil, Sebelius is evil, Obama is evil.. he has 3 shots ready for us! Congress is evil. They are all evil. Perhaps we should write to them asking them not to kill us with their vaccines? lol has already covered this and has a petition. THere are LOTS of petitions out there. I've signed 'em. ha. What's the use though? If they are really out to kill us what the hell will a petition do?

    Probably the same thing all those millions of signatures did to get Bush/Cheney impeached or single payer health care. Yea, makes ya proud to be an Amerikan doesn't it?

  3. Rady, I'd be worried whoever was producing the vaccines because it's still Big Pharma and psychopathic killers telling and or making us take the shot.

    That website you posted Vaccine Resistance Movement is a cia website? or do you mean facebook?

  4. I've heard this before Rady and I've looked to find some proof of this. I've come upon a dead end. Right now, they are doing good work getting the word out. Disinfo agents or not, they are telling people to avoid vaccines. THAT in itself is a good thing. However, I've always been suspicious because of Stubblebine's work in the military. I never fully trust anyone that has the "golden microphone."

    Having said that, the phrase"disinfo agents" is spread around too easily imo without backing it up with some evidence. Most disinfo agents poo poo the things we talk about but there are many methods. Thank the universe you have the proof I was looking for.

    Please post here or email me so that I can spread it to everyone that needs to see it. I think coto will always know when the "worm turns". It's the average citizen that will be trapped by the traitors when the time comes.

  5. Btw, I watched Ian Crane's presentation on Codex several months ago and I remember him mentioning that. But do we really know who are the disinfo agents and who are the legitmate freedom fighters? Maybe Ian is the disinfo agent.

    See how paranoid I am? lol

  6. There's gonna be a host of "disinfo agents" and they'll be spreading plenty of stinkum just like they are now in the "9-11 Truth Movement." All the same... don't need a Weather Man to tell which way the wind blows.

    (the vandals took the handles)

  7. It's always gonna be very difficult to dis, dis, dis, tinguish (whooa, english rocks) between realos and second incomers. As I have pointed out, time and time again while mentioning the US Army FMs regarding the gaining and retaining info superiority, a true disinfo agent will operate with 98% truth. As Rady mentioned, the agent will take over and make the desired course correction at the desired moment to take the movement (any such) astray. That's how it works.

    I'm on facebook so I joined that facebook group, at my own risk of course, but primarily to inform others and to make a stance, to hold the flag, something I've been known to do since I was a little pisser. On the Company, as a bunch of apples and perhaps oranges, they're not all bad.

    My $0.02

  8. Krekt, brother Waldo, pisano. See aboove. The 9/11 trufe movement was infiltrated by disinfo agenCIES on the 12th of Sept., 2001. Another good reason to start over. Speaking of 9/11, why did the fool piloting UA175, the one that hit the south tower (WTC2, the one without an antennae) hit the south tower and not the north (WTC1, with antennae) tower a second time IF THE GOAL WAS TO BRING A TOWER DOWN?

    I'm easily sidetracked. Zappa makes me do these things.

  9. My strongest guess is: the planes were not "piloted" by anyone aboard. Global Hawk technology turned them into guided missiles. And of course, the "planes" did not bring the towers down.

    I'm not sure that the "thermate" theory is not the final stalking horse of the psyop folk. I don't know that much about demolition. But I DO know there was no way all of the alleged "pilots" could have "flown" those aircraft as they did.

    Johnny's in the basement mixin' up the medicine.

  10. Bro, you got most of it right, imho. Remotely guided aircraft, prepared in advance and subsituted for the "real", homed in on some kind of added guidance beacons .....duh, and the boom boom, WTCs 1,2 & 7 were brought down so very neatly, not by fire. What more do we need to understand what occured that day? It was an inside job, period. Let me put it a different way, the chances of the OCT being true are minimal in comparison to many other CTs. In fact, some CTs come so damned close to what likely happened, these very CTs move closer and closer to the level of truth than anything else we have seen or heard.

    There's more to it. It's not over yet and I'm not going to give up no matter what. Put the gun to my head and I'll continue. I am committed as are countless others. We will get to the bottom of this. Details are, as said many times over for the last eight years....secondary. It was an inside job.

  11. "...we have loads of credentials to prove we know exactly what we’re doing."

    Think not. Thinking hurts.

  12. Damn right Curt. There is enough evidence to prove it's an inside job to fill up wtc 7 all over again. Dammit, common sense tells you it's an inside job. Why are there so many dopes that still don't get it? ~~sigh

  13. Rady, I believe you of course. ( i think) just kidding :) Seriously, sure sounds like it could possibly be their site as well. Just weird for disinfo agents to have to steal from another site when they should have access to all the latest stuff, isn't it? So, maybe that's not them but lesser minions.

    Honestly, I just want to take my entire family and head for.......where?? i don't have a flippin' clue..

  14. why? simply because if people allow themselves to really think, and ponder, then they are going to be like us!:-)
    angry and feeling so caged and bound in our attempts to call halt to it!
    while we are willing to get off our collective butts and raise awareness, in any way we can, they, being less inclined to make an effort, thanks to the constant hype from MSM to go buy some love happiness and safety etc, are inclined to do just that, in the hope it will "all go away" and it will go on as before for them.
    I stopped watching tv 17years ago, i started deeper reading and getting the education school did not give me, and personally I find it very hard to find anyone to have a conversation with that doesn't have "did you watch?" in it.!
    They only know what came from public advert radio, MSM tv, and vidoes whatever, = no IQ required all sooo simple and basic and bland.
    As to the Flu, a friends friend has been diagnosed, he is on Tamiflu, she is coping fine without it. but he will not accept that he also could do just that, thats when you see upclose and personal just how deep the conditioning has gone.
    maybe we all
    eat or drink something?
    People I know say I am online a lot, I am:-) but I hope I am doing some small good by commenting writing and keeping a NON mainstream voice yelling. STOOOP! Think!
    3 of ten? people i interact with ( real life)are aware, the rest are zombies, and they will be the ones that go quietly. I have to accept that I can help those who will consider and think, I can do nothing for them that deny any other option than the mainstream;-(

  15. You're right Oz, sometimes I wish I didn't know anything but who to vote for on American Idol. Taking the red pill sure wasn't the easiest route, was it?