Thursday, July 16, 2009

Out Walking

I was out walking.  The sunny path stretched ahead.  Other people were also walking in front of me.  Some distance away a fattish matron was strolling towards us more or less in the middle of the path.  She had a little dog on a long lead . . .

The little dog changed from one side of the path to the other, and in order to pass the woman and her dog the people ahead of me all changed from one side of the path to the other.

The little dog changed sides again, and again all the people shifted their route to the other side.  The pooch changed sides again, and again all the people obediently altered their path.  This happened several more times before I passed the fat woman and her dog, and it made me think.


Here we have a wonderful planet on which life has evolved in such a way over the aeons that its myriad forms can all co-exist according to an intricate but workable pattern.

Just recently, a mere five thousand years ago, a delusion was invented that has come to stress all life in the equally delusory interest of the few who then and since then have chosen to manipulate that delusion to the cost of others.  They learned to invent and install 'leaders' for the rest of us, via whom they could have access to the populations and - according to their notions - derive illusory benefit from the work that 'the led' were then led to do.  They also promoted and took control of media of communication and education and told the rest what to think so that, soon, most humans had become subservient to this delusion and those devious few who dealt in it.

Just a couple of centuries ago, yesterday in these terms, a single family adopted measures of corruption that placed the entire planet and all its inhabitants at their disposal.  With the intensification of their grip, all life that has evolved over the billions of years is now in mortal danger of extinction, not simply as a casual result of these others' actions, but as a result of their declared policy.  But instead of hanging or even simply ignoring these nuisances, everyone, supposedly even of the same species, has unquestioningly acquiesced to their wishes.

Now why would that be?  Is it merely that we are by nature too polite to argue, or have been made too stupid even to recognise what is being done to us?  Is it just because these parasitic vermin have learned to corrupt the succession of venal leaders that their predecessors installed?  Is it because some of the more vocal of our own species have been infected by the same perversion?  Is it that their arts of deception have made them and their activities invisible?  Can we not see that they and their accomplices control and use against us all things that are physically or morally harmful to us?  Could it be that even brave men are cowards gelt by gold and simply dare not disturb the intentions of these few puny mad monkeys?

Then should our long practical tradition of consideration for others that enabled us to conform easily to the world now be used to bring us to extinction by a very few schooled recently only to arrogance and greed?

So, Reader, you have to ask yourself: is such a simple explanation too difficult for you to understand? Do you dispute what is explained here? Or is it that you still simply cannot see what is being done against us all by a few malignant criminals?  Otherwise . . . Are we all then to march to our destruction at the caprice of a demented ape?

You know, it would have been quite simple to tell that woman to reel in her lead, or even to stamp on that pestiferous little mutt and use its lead to sling its carcass right out of sight.

So, as to our present case, if you see what is so obvious to me, if only in the name of sanity and for the sake of all life on the planet it has to be incumbent upon each and every one of us to take these few criminal pervert mutts who are menacing us all and throw them and their villainy neck and crop right off the planet, together with all those who have been aiding them for the last two centuries.  And I don't mean maybe.

Folks, get stamping.  And get slinging

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