Friday, June 19, 2009

In case you missed it ...


It was a good experience, they gave us and extra hour, so I guess that's a good thing.

It will be real interesting if RK actually accepts an invitation to debate us as to why we were banned. Now that would be a show! My bet is he won't do it. The man's a coward and a weak debater and he knows it.


  1. Yea, I'd love to see M&M take on the klown man but I won't hold my breath either...

  2. Hey M and jersey.

    At work right now, on my lunch break.

    Now THAT was fun.

    Yeah, I wonder if Klown Kar Kall would ever take that dare on?


    It would be fun though.


  3. Nice show last night M. and Michael.

    How many people do you believe were listening to the show?

    I can see Kall debating either you or Michael.

    Ah. . . ah . . . you were banished from our site because ah . . . ah . . . you didn't follow our guidelines, and ah . . . I, we here at OEN . . . ah . . . decided to ah . . . get rid of you. Besides, COTO was taking over ah . . . the site, and I ah . . . I didn't want this to ah . . . happen.

  4. Judy said that we had a lot of listeners, she didn't elaborate what "a lot" is. She said that most of the listeners come later through the Pod-casts. But the way she sounded it seemed to indicate it was more listeners than normal.

    Probably because we had the NSA, FBI, CIA, FEMA, HS, and every other intelligence agency listening.

    Rob won't debate us, he has no defense. All I have to ask him is produce my last comment and read it, and explain what in it goes against any of his stinking guidelines.

  5. Rady, you were just too much of a freakin' radical biatch for RK's taste which is why we love you ;)

  6. lol Munich.. I think you've got him down ;)

  7. Mr M.. btw, who is the COTO housewife you made mention of?? lol

  8. Loved the truman show.... how his life was all "staged"...

  9. Speaking of the Truman Show - I watched it again recently - it reminded me of GWB mostly. Walking around in his little bubble world. I honestly believe he was left out of the 911 loop, but instead swallowed the whole lie, hook, line, and sinker. That's exactly why he looked so stupid while reading "My Pet Goat." He really didn't have a clue what was going on, nor what to say - until his "handlers" gave him his script. In the end he was just too stupid to be trusted. I mean, would you trust a guy with a 92 point IQ with "real intelligence"?

  10. X4
    Rady is da best radical biatch



  11. Grant Lawrence invited me. He's a fan of my toon's.

    As an aside, I just got back from a filming of a documentary of The Levee. A crew is in town doing a documentary and wanted to feature the Levee staff in a writers meeting. Don't know many details beyond that. My guess is they'll be letting us know when this will be released. It was for PBS from what I can gather.

    I'm becoming something of a media darling ...

  12. lol Rady.. Actually, Jim Carey is a decent actor when he's not making those weird faces. I saw him many years ago in a made for tv drama called "Doing Time on Maple Drive" or something like that. It was about a dysfunctional family and he played the alcoholic brother. I think that was the same time he was on "In Living Color". Btw, I loved that show and Jim's
    "fire marshall bill".

    Damn, remember Damon Wayans "Homey D Clown?" Homey don't play dat!

  13. and "fire marshall bill" disgustingly funny..

  14. lol.. ok "darling" don't forget to plug COTO !

    Seriously, that is VERY cool ! Who knows someday you actually might be a guest on your beloved C-Span's Washington Journal ! ..keep us posted ;)

  15. Not until after the revolution would C-SPAN have me on.

  16. Very good Michael. M. Cavlan was good as well. They gave you a lot of time and you made the most of it. You guys covered many of the topics.

    Us housewives were proud. ;)

  17. Yeah, I would hope we reached a few people, but I tell ya, there are still many that simply refuse to even view the evidence, they WANT to remain ignorant out of fear of the implications ... it can be very frustrating.

    Than there are those that are simply brainwashed.

    Out of the two, it's the former that rankles me most.

  18. Maybe they'll have you on FOX, M
    You can team with the lesser-man.

  19. Jersey


    Let me tell you, this Burn Nurse just about busted a gut at this.

    I could tell you all tales. I even treated an actual Fire Chief who set himself on fire by throwing gas onto a bonfire.

    Also, we had just about the worst week end ever on our unit.

    It was bad, very very bad. Now I am off for a few days.