Saturday, June 27, 2009

Harrisburg chapter of NAACP urges martial law

by STEVEN FARLEY Of The Patriot-News
Thursday June 25, 2009, 9:24 PM

The Harrisburg Chapter of the NAACP is calling on Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell to suspend some civil liberties and impose martial law in the city to halt the wave of recent lawlessness.

Chapter President Stanley Lawson also called on Rendell to bring in the state National Guard for at least 30 days and to impose a curfew. In June, there have been at least 12 shootings, many of them in the daytime, including a man killed Wednesday at a busy city intersection during the lunch hour.


  1. This guy has a screw loose. Firstly, there are no National Guard in Pa. They are all in Iraq and Afghanistan, for god sake, where they also shouldn't be !

    Secondly, for the NAACP to call for military troops to patrol the streets and take away citizens rights for a problem that should be handled by the police is suspect. Why isn't he calling for the assistance of the state police, as his first choice, like Rendell said he was going to do? This request strikes me as really strange coming from the NAACP.

    Perhaps instead of the Guardian Angels OR National Guard, they can send in our new paramilitary"city year" troops to patrol the streets in their spiffy red and black jackets. Let's put those kids to good use in Harrisburg !

  2. Up until a few months ago, The National Guard headquarters was located five minutes from where I live. They've since knocked most of the buildings down and almost all of the equipment is gone.