Saturday, June 27, 2009

Crook John Conyers Has Taught His Wife Well, How to Get Rich in Politics

Conyers' wife Monica pleads guilty to CONSPIRACY! OOps, did I say CONSPIRACY? No, this article must be wrong. Everybody knows there aren't conspiracies in politics...

The Conyers family, nothing but traitors to the US people.

Here is a GREAT example of the Matrix at work. The CNN Headline is "Detroit politician admits bribery"!

THIS IS THE WIFE OF ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL MEN IN THE USA. If it were an entertainment personality, it would read "Wife of Clint Eastwood admits...".


  1. Gee, I wonder how much John received to take impeachment off the table.

  2. $millions most likely. All set up in his little offshore bank account. Interesting thing about the vote on which Moncia changed her mind after her bribe. The income tax was passed the same way back in 1913. It had congressional opposition, but when it went to the senate it passed 77-0!!!!!!. The elite know well how to get their minions to march in a straigt line...

  3. hey guys, Out there somewhere is a video clip of me, challenging Conyers on Impeachment.

    He and Keith Ellison had a forum on Single payer healthcare.

    We Impeach For Peace took it over. I talked about Impeachment and the Stolen Elections in Ohio. I basically called Conyers a coward and a traitor.

    I got a standing ovation from the crowd.

    I was in my Nurses uniform.

  4. Good job Michael! Conyers my be a coward and a traitor, but now he's a RICH coward and traitor...

  5. Irish, find the clip and post it, dammit !!

  6. Yes, I want to see the rebel Michael Calvan in action!

  7. Mark he IS a rebel. He even goes out in crowds & uses a bullhorn ala Alex Jones ! I saw that video already. Though I haven't seen him in his nurse's uniform yet. lol

  8. He's holding back on you jersey. Probably waiting for the right moment to spring it. Maybe fema camp entertainment.


    BTW. I ran two stints as a street medic for two seperate "un-permitted" marches (except for that pesky First Amendment but we know that is dead) for the Trannies and then the Dykes in the Minneapolis Gay Pride festival today.

    I ALMOST wore one of those sexy Nurses uniforms with latex, low cut blouse and my big assed hairy legs.

    Instead, I choose jeans, sneakers, nurses scrub top with a big old Red Cross taped (with red duct tape) onto the front.

    I almost did it though.


    OK, I will look for that John Conyers thingy.......

  10. OK

    You all asked for it.

    cavlan, taking on John Conyers

    In Nurses scrubs.

    I am at about the 14:45 mark, if you want to ignore Conyers lying bullshit on why he stood against Impeachment.


  11. As an aside, John Conyers was slated to speak for another hour. But instead he got up and left after I challenged him.

    hee Hee Hee

    Poor John Conyers.

  12. Nice job Michael.

    I can't stand listening to Conyers whining monotone voice. How and why do the people of MI continue to re-elect this man?

  13. Irish, that's some righteous rage you got goin in that clip! My favorite line... "at the risk of getting tasered" LOL

    Munich, I'm with you. Back in the day, I used to think Conyers was one of the good guys. Now whenever I hear his whiny voice I want to throw something directly at his face.

  14. Where were you concerned citizens when Reagan with the help of Oliver North and others were literally ruining this country? I know some of you get very excited about situations like Conyers and his wife and maybe rightly so. But how on earth have people allowed what went on during Iran/Contra to go by without outrage? North wrote in his own hand that he had knowledge of drug selling(in black neighborhoods) that was being done to fund the Contras. How do we get past that sort of thing to the point that Reagan is called the "Best" President ever and Fox News treats North like a hero?

  15. " I know some of you get very excited about situations like Conyers and his wife and maybe rightly so."

    MAYBE RIGHTLY SO????????????

    Is your point that the demrats may be corrupt, but the rethugs are worse?

    If so, then you are part of the problem. The demrats AND the rethugs are corrupt and criminal to the core. Reagan is just as much a crook as LBJ.

    The enemy is the STATE!! The state is protected by the establishment. The two political parties are creations of the establishment for the purpose of dividing and conquering (the sheeple). This is the lesson. Get out of the establishment. Turn off the tv. Take ownerhsip of your own thinking. You'll be shocked to see the degree to which you have been duped.

  16. Mark:

    My point is that relatively speaking what the Reagan Administration did is much worse than this. It is much worse than much of what is talked about, but issues like this often get people interested enough to talk. Whereas situations like Iran/Contra seem so unbelieveable that no one ever touches them. A President overseeing a plan that involved dope dealing in inner cities is one of the worst things that I can think of that a President has been involved in. NO ONE went to jail over it. SO, my point is that if we can not get the big problems like that right, why focus on something as small as Conyers?

  17. Because it is Conyers job to oversee the propriety/stewardship of our President (impeach or not to impeach?), and if Conyers is also corrupt, then NOBODY is holding the presidents responsible for their crimes and Presidents like Ronald Reagan are not held accountable.

    btw, every president since at least Truman has been the biggest "desk" drug-dealer in the world (Korea drug crops), LBJ's Vietnam drug crops, Bush's Afghanistan drug crops. You see, the US intelligence agencies need the millions of dollars produced by these drugs to fund their black op operations. CIA can't go to Congress and ask for $100 million dollars to wreak havoc on the Central American countries for not playing ball with US corporations.

    Stop focusing on Reagan. For every crime you can pin on a Republican, I can pin one on the Demrats. THE ENEMY IS THE STATE!!!!

  18. Mark:

    My enemy is not the state. My enemies are corrupt individuals and I know Reagen was one of them. You are speculating about Conyers because of something his wife may or may not have done. I do not agree with that. Each person is responsible for their own actions. My wife being a crook does not make me one. People are mislead and fooled by people all of the time. By doing what you are doing, you are not helping guys like Conyers do his job, but contributing to distractions that keep him from doing it. Maybe someone went after his wife so he would not go after Bush.

  19. My friend, you have so much to learn. Welcome to COTO.

    There are much wiser people than you and I who have already lived full lives and have died. Luckily for us, they have left behind their political learnings. Discover them. (try this one first: "Our Enemy the State-by Albert Jay Nock).

    2nd: "As We Go Marching"-by John Flynn.

    If you haven't read these two books, then you know zero about American politics.

    Are you telling me that the fact that Conyers did not begin a motion to impeach the most criminal president in US history is SPECULATION???

    I'm sorry, I think this is a fact. This was Conyers job. He didn't do it. This makes him equally as corrupt. What good does this non-action do the people? BO will get away with the same crimes (and so far he has).

    "Each person is responsible for their own actions." But what good is being responsible if you aren't held accountable by the guy who's job it is to hold you accountable?????????????

    Maybe???...Maybe???...I'm not interested in "maybe" to justify an argument. I'm interested in what is and "what is" is Conyers didn't do his job.

    The enemy is the state!

  20. Mark:

    As I said, YOUR enemy is the state, not mine. The "state" is an ever changing entity. How ignorant is it to say that if I have not read two books that you listed that I do not know anything about politics? Understanding politics was only unlocked after those books were written? Maybe I have as much confidence in my own God-given talent to understand complex issues as you have in other people's. To me, it sounds like the syndrome that affects talk-radio junkies. They do not know what to think until someone tells them.

  21. "My enemy is not the state. My enemies are corrupt individuals..."

    So you are ok with corrupt states?

    My point is: To blame individuals in a corrupt system is to treat the sympton and ignore the problem.

    To think that individuals are only randomly corrupt within a corrupt system is grossly naive. This naivite is driven by establishment propaganda. (and if the information comes from the establishment, it's propaganda, i.e. why didn't the establishment hold Reagan accountable?).

    Politics is only complex because the people are only told the lies and the misinformation. Because of this, True politics is learned outside the establishment, in the unpopular media. So instead of limiting this to two books, I should have instead wrote that if you aren't familiar with the unpopular media outside the establishment, then you know zero about politics.

    Why are you only pointing fingers at Reagan? All the other Republican presidents are equally as criminal, but so are the democrats. You're playing the two-party game of the establishment, instead of recognizing that they are ALL corrupt. Hence, the enemy is the state!

  22. You have your interpretation of things and I have mine. There are such things as conspiracies, but I do not believe everything is a conspiracy. Regardless of what you do, you can not operate at 100 percent effectiveness and efficiency. Government is not designed for things to be done easily or quickly, that does not make individuals like Conyers corrupt because they have not done things you would have liked them to. That ignores the complexities of politics. I simply do not buy into your assessment of the situation. If you became a Senator tomorrow, you would not be able to get done most of what you personally would like, but it would not mean you are corrupt. It also does not mean the system is completely corrupted, just that it is not designed to turn on a dime.

  23. "My point is that relatively speaking what the Reagan Administration did is much worse than this."

    Conyers protected the Bush crimes. Are you familiar with these?

    i.e. intentionally misled the world for the purpose of going to war. And when this was proven, the wars continue!!!!!!!!!!! Hundreds of thousands of people murdered and maimed and psychologically destroyed and CONTINUE to be so because Bush was and is protected.

    Stack Reagan up against this! (and I don't even need to mention the other Bush crimes, wiretapping, torture, Patriot Act, etc, etc, etc...).

    And now let's throw in LBJ and his Gulf of Tonkin lie!!! 58,000 American soldiers died for NOTHING and hundreds of thousands of innocent people!!!

    And your argument is: "Regardless of what you do, you can not operate at 100 percent effectiveness and efficiency."

    Ok, we don't need to stop the global slaughter of human beings because, well, "you can not operate at 100 percent effectiveness and efficiency".

    I see your interpretation, and it's pathetic. Let the perpetual slaughter of innocent people continue. Becasue now, it has been justified. You just can not operate at 100% effectiveness and efficiency.

    Let's get out of the simpleton paradigm and look at facts.

  24. Mark:

    If you really want to be fair, you would admit that Conyers is one of the few people that has been trying to keep that proposition of going after "BushCo" alive. How did you miss that?

    A good reason most good people in government can not get anything done is because too many people are on the extremes. How you are acting is counterproductive to the results that you want.

  25. Conyers ran his own clock out about a year and a half ago. What he is "trying" to do now is spectacularly irrelevant.

    I'm not talking about getting things done. I'm talking about holding our "elected" officials accountable. This is basic governance, is it not?
    Where are the laws? According to the actions (note I refer to actions and not lip service) of Conyers, there are no laws. Murder en masse at will till you are blue in the face Mr. President.

    Look, you and I are on the same side, but this is where we differ: I want our laws enforced against our publicly "elected" officials. You want our laws enforced against Ronald Reagan. See the problem?

  26. golden.. I was right there protesting against Reagan and Ollie and their criminal gang as well. Just as I was during 8 years of the bush crime syndicate. Just as I am now with the Obama pack of thieves.

    I am actually quite consistent in denouncing all corrupt politicians as scum. It seems that you golden are the one that's stuck in the left/right paradigm they have you boxed into. They are mostly ALL corrupt except for a few such as Dennis Kucinich, Pete DiFazio , Bernie Sanders & Ron Paul to name the few that come to mind.

  27. And today, from CNN, we have this headline:


    So golden would say: Big deal, look what Reagan did. Because he's playing the two-party paradigm and believes only the crooks in the other party should be held accountable for their crime. Absolutely pathetic that people can think this way. No wonder the US is in such BIG trouble.

    Also, notice the headline mentions the name of Bill Clinton. But in the articles headlining this thread, the name of John Conyers is omitted from the headline. This is how the matrix manipulates the news. Clinton is out of office, Conyers is still in office (unfortunately), so there you go. Get out of the matrix, turn off the tv, get out of the establishment of pure mind control...

  28. You have no idea of my response. I do not advocate anyone being a crook in either party. U just do not equate things like you do. I do not equate the government selling drugs in tne name of defense to the forms of corruption you are speaking on. You sabotage what you want because you attack the people that are more like you than unlike you. Was Conyers a coward when he served in the military?

  29. "I do not advocate anyone being a crook in either party."

    Good for you, you're coming around.

    Corruption is corruption, no equating necessasry.

    And when you remove that 2-party paradigm blockage, you will discover that both parties are indeed equally corrupt and you don't have to bow to either of them, a mind-freeing experience to say the least.

    "Was Conyers a coward when he served in the military?"

    I can't answer this, I wasn't in his fox hole. However, we do know that he was a killer...killing innocent people for the benefit of the US corporations (See Smedley D. Butler's "War is a Racket" if you care to experience yet more mind freedom).