Thursday, June 25, 2009

Census? Count Me Out

CensusBureau logoWhen the bailout was being debated and 90 something percent of the public was against it our uber-matron of neo-fascism Nancy Pelosi had the switchboards and servers shut down to end the calls and e-mails. I was not counted then or on the multi-trillion dollar stimulus. Why does  her government seek to count Me now?

It is being said that a 5000$ fine will be levied on those that refuse to answer the census. Well My household already owes half a million on the recent looting and FED debt,so what the hell ! And besides, "My" government screens all My calls and e-mails. So the SOBs already know everything about Me,right?  Satellites looking down from space are watching Me and law-enforcement has gear to see through walls. It seems kinda redundant to have to confirm the intel for our all-knowing all-seeing KGB goons.

So Uncle Sam,screw YOU and the  Russian race-horse You rode in on. If  A.C.O.R.N. squirrels  (damn I´m good) come snooping around My crib I will turn the water-hose on their democratic jack-asses.

Only a mongoloid idiot would volunteer information to their enemy. Count this Pelosi (I am holding out an erect middle-finger).


  1. I am trying to be civil,but it gets harder with every lost right and freedom.
    I ran the census taker off in 1990. I got several visits from the local police afterwards, They barged into My house without warrants supposedly to look for drugs. They didnt find any. Here in the country things will be much different.

    Thanks for stopping by !

  2. Hi Barb !
    This is John in Texas if You didnt already know. In the current political climate I would not go door to door representing this regime for a million bucks a day.
    There will be blowback.
    Its 102° in the shade with about 90% humidity here. Its so hot the chickens are laying hard-boiled eggs.

  3. And so, with all their spying devices, what IS the point of a door to door census? Intimidation? Snooping for weapons, drugs, or heaven forbid a book about 9/11 truth? And if they just stand out on your front porch and ask the questions they can't see any of that anyway.

    What IS the deal?

  4. Amen, bruther! I'm wichya!

    Coincidentally, as I was flying this week, I happened to notice that the ATL airport has now posted a Flying Pig Flu 'advisory' (along with all the other brainwashing, mindnumbing 'security' crap). One more item added to the fear-manipulation campaign... I haven't noticed this at any other airport, maybe they're just targeting the most ignorant & mentally retarded people in the country first and moving out from there

  5. lol sister. . I'm sure the flying pig flu will touch down in the airports in every town SOON.. Time to take those Baxter shots kiddies ! LIKE HELL!